Current Projects

Learning and Retrieval Strategies for Words and Categories

TARGET AGE GROUP: Young Adult (college)

STUDY TYPE: 2-Part Study

DURATION: 60 minutes (Part 1), 60 Minutes (Part 2)

CREDITS: 1 (Part 1), 1 (Part 2) – 2 Maximum

DESCRIPTION: In this experiment, participants will study a series of category labels and associated words and will be asked to remember these items at a later time as well as provide judgments of confidence in remembering these items. This experiment involves two sessions and each session will take approximately 60 minutes to complete (120 minutes total). One session will occur on your first visit while the second session will occur 48 hours later. You will receive 1 Sona credit for each session that you participate in, and the maximum number of credits that can be earned by any one participant is 2.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Must be at least 18 years of age.

LEAD RESEARCHERS: Dr. Chris Hertzog and Taylor Curley

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Everyday Memory Strategies Interviews



DURATION: 120 Minutes

DESCRIPTION: During the interview, you will be asked to respond to questions about your daily life and the activities you participate in. We will inquire about ways in which you use your memory to help you complete these daily tasks. At the conclusion of the interview, you may be asked to provide feedback about the questions asked or to provide your opinion on the interview.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Participants in this study should be cognitively healthy older adults without a history of severe head injury or brain surgery. Participants should also be functionally independent and have obtained at least a high school diploma, or equivalent GED.

LEAD RESEARCHERS: Dr. Chris Hertzog and Emily Lustig


Abductive Reasoning – Parts I & II

TARGET AGE GROUP: Young Adult (college)

CREDIT: 1 (Part I), 1 (Part II)

DURATION: 60 Minutes (Part I) & 60 Minutes (Part II)

DESCRIPTION: Abductive reasoning involves thinking about explanations for events. In this study you will read two different scenarios, each describing an event. You will be asked to think of possible explanations for the outcomes that are described, and then to evaluate the plausibility of these explanations. You will also complete other cognitive tests that will help us interpret results from the reasoning task. The study will require two 1-hour sessions (2 hours) to complete. One session will occur in the month of January, the second will occur in the month of April. This SONA entry is for the first session. You will be prompted to sign up for the second session at a later date. Unless you are enrolled in PSYC 2015, you will receive 1 credit for each session that can be applied as extra credit for experiment participation in the SONA system. Those enrolled in PSYC 2015 will receive credit according to the specifications set forth by their instructor.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Must be at least 18 years of age. Must be enrolled in PSYC 1101, PSYC 2015, PSYC 2103, PSYC 2210, PSYC 2220, PSYC 2230. **If NOT enrolled in PSYC 2015, must NOT have completed PSYC 2015 in a previous semester.

LEAD RESEARCHERS: Dr. Chris Hertzog and Marit Smith.

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